We get a number of emails from members identifying login or email receipt issues. Here is a “goto list” to solve your issues.


I cannot login

  1. Is the email address you are using the same as your membership email address?
  2. Is the password you are using the correct one?
  3. Is your corporate network denying you access

Solution 1 – Is my password/email the right one?

Attempt to login and identify what the fault is on the login page:

  1. If is password then reset your password – BUT – ensure that you are using the right email address first as the new password is sent to your membership email – NOTE when you use the password cut and paste it with no spaces direct from the email.
  2. If it is email and you cannot remember it contact Judy Foong to get a new email address implemented

My password and email are right – and I still cannot login

  1. Attempt to login away from your corporate network – perhaps via phone or ipad NOT using the corporate wifi.
    1. If this is successful then your corporate network is denying you access – refer to your IT Department
    2. If you cannot then please identify your ip address (whatismyip.com) and email support@seapex.org with your login credentials and your ip address.



I am not receiving the Seapex emails

  1. Is the the recieving email address the same as your Seapex membership email address – login to your membership account on seapex.org/login and identify if the email address is the same
  2. Is your corporate email system denying you access – refer to your IT Department
  3. Is your corporate spam catcher preventing access – refer to your IT department

NOTE: We use a whitelisted email server and 99.99% of the time all emails are sent – generally the issue is spam boxes.