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Active Membership Type Expiry Date
S-492 Venkatraman Subramaniam Enerflo Singapore Pte Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
M-841 A. Nila Murti Gaffney, Cline & Associates yes Member 30-09-2021
S-837 Adrian Smith Sharp Reflections Ltd yes Member 31-10-2021
I-785 Afifah Ibrahim Brunei Shell Petroleum yes Member 30-09-2021
K-806 Agu Kantsler Transform Exploration Pty Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
S-915 Ahmad Shoeibi Regional Formation Evaluation Manager yes Member 30-09-2021
K-279 AJ Kullman Total E & P Asia Pacific Pte Ltd yes Life 01-01-3000
M-065 Akinori Matsumoto JAPEX yes Member 30-09-2021
S-393 Alaister Shakerley Larus Energy yes Member 30-09-2021
M-023 Alan Morrison Geolog International yes Member 30-09-2022
C-891 Alan Clare OMV New Zealand Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
F-027 Alan Fernie Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
D-472 Alasdair Duncan Alba Energy yes Member 30-09-2022
B-598 Alastair Bee Westwood Global Energy yes Member 30-09-2022
O-462 Alessandro Sales Philodrill Corporation yes Member 30-09-2022
V-404 Alex Vartan PGS yes Member 30-09-2021
M-006 Alex J. Marshall Wandoo Energy LLC yes Life 01-01-3000

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