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Active Membership Type Expiry Date
L-251 Vladimir Lavie KrisEnergy Pte Ltd yes Member 30-09-2021
Z-983 Walter Ziza Conrad Petroleum yes Member 30-09-2022
K-125 Wataru Kato Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
S-012 Wayne Spencer Twinza Oil yes Life 01-01-3000
W-348 Wendy, Yee Ching Wong ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc. yes Member 30-09-2021
D-033 William Dickson DIGs (Dickson International Geosciences) yes Member 30-09-2022
P-152 William Plampton IHS Markit yes Member 30-09-2021
A-001 William Craig Ade Consultant yes Life 01-01-3000
L-036 William G. Lafferrandre ConocoPhillips yes Member 30-09-2022
L-650 Winnie C.Y. Leong SEAPEX yes Member 30-09-2022
O-009 Winston Ong Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
G-071 Wynn Gajkowski Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
N-785 Xa Khanh Ngo Petrovietnam yes Member 30-09-2022
S-134 Xaiver Sim NTU yes Student 30-09-2021
A-364 Xiang Jing Ang NTU yes Student 30-09-2021
H-172 Xinhua Huang IHS Markit yes Member 30-09-2021
Y-080 Yong Qiao BGP Offshore, CNPC yes Life 01-01-3000
T-840 Yosh Tanaka ITOCHU yes Member 30-09-2021
A-915 Yoshiaki Araki Consultant yes Member 30-09-2021
Y-439 Young Lee International Organization yes Member 30-09-2022

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