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Active Membership Type Expiry Date
B-121 Damian Browne SeaMap yes Member 30-09-2021
R-975 Damion Scott Rudd Mubadala Petroleum yes Life 01-01-3000
A-847 Daniel Ang Geolog International BV yes Member 30-09-2021
W-202 Daniel Lawrence Walding Kana Consultants Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
C-118 Daniel Stephen Carlos PXP Energy Corporation yes Member 30-09-2022
S-392 Darren Steffes Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
J-292 Dave Johnson Conrad Petroleum yes Member 30-09-2022
B-221 Dave Bruce PXGEO yes Member 30-09-2022
F-079 David Flett OGRE Systems yes Life 01-01-3000
B-427 David Beckett Rockleigh Energy yes Member 30-09-2022
W-050 David Wright Spatial Monkey yes Member 30-09-2022
P-180 David Prescott Solway Geoconsulting yes Member 30-09-2021
B-637 David Briguglio 3D Oil Limited yes Member 30-09-2021
E-425 David Ephraim Energy and Economic Mission of Israel yes Member 30-09-2022
R-112 David Round Shearwater GeoServices yes Member 30-09-2022
H-709 David Haverkamp PTTEP yes Member 30-09-2021
R-006 David A. Remus Consultant yes Life 01-01-3000
A-012 David M. Anderson Kana Consultants Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
G-057 David R. G. Goulding Sharp Reflections Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
P-042 Dee Patterson Moyes & Co yes Life 01-01-3000

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