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Active Membership Type Expiry Date
O-171 Han Ling Ong Geo Services Pty Ltd yes Member 30-09-2022
M-119 Hans Meyer Seabed Geosolutions yes Life 01-01-3000
H-235 Hans Hvide Compass Energy Pte Ltd yes Life 01-01-3000
W-007 Harold H. Williams Sunwapta Minerals Ltd. yes Life 01-01-3000
S-211 Heidi Savage Consultant yes Life 01-01-3000
A-058 Helen Anderson TechComm Consulting yes Member 30-09-2022
D-494 Herman Darman Petronas yes Member 30-09-2022
C-659 Hiroshi Chiba JGC yes Member 30-09-2022
H-269 Hong Shien Lee IHS Markit yes Member 30-09-2022
H-420 Huong Tra Ho Wood Mackenzie yes Member 30-09-2022
C-010 Ian Cross Moyes & Co yes Life 01-01-3000
L-045 Ian Longley GIS-pax Ltd yes Life 01-01-3000
M-129 Ian McMahon Consultant yes Life 01-01-3000
B-956 Ian Brewer Todd Energy Ltd yes Life 01-01-3000
B-801 Ian Baron Asab Oil yes Member 30-09-2022
C-007 Ian Derek Collins Indosean Resources yes Life 01-01-3000
G-089 J. T. (Han) Van Gorsel Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
S-188 James Stewart Tuckamore Resource Consulting yes Life 01-01-3000
B-110 James Brown Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022
P-083 James Parkin Consultant yes Member 30-09-2022

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