Health Insurance

Whilst many SEAPEX Members have Health Insurance/Medical Cover provided for them and their families by their employers there remain a significant number of SEAPEX Members for whom such provision is their own responsibility.

Experience suggests that when applying individually for such insurance, rates are considerably higher than those enjoyed by corporate applicants. SEAPEX have, through an independent broker, secured an arrangement with a reputable and global health insurer, whereby corporate terms can be extended to SEAPEX Members, individually or to include their dependents.

Please note that this arrangement was put in place in response to a number of members requests and as such SEAPEX, as a society, cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any claims or such like arising from any resulting transactions between any SEAPEX members and Insurance company.

SEAPEX members are able to click on the “Get a quote” icon below for their purchase.
Please use the Promo Code (FOR SEAPEX MEMBERS ONLY): IPPFWD

For further details please contact Judy Foong (

Best Regards,
Jeff Lobao– 2nd Vice President Membership

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