Membership FAQs
How can I renew my membership?


Log-in with your email address and password in the left hand corner of the page.Once the member menu comes up select Members List.

Your membership details are summarised in the top right check to see they have (or are about to expire).

Select Renewals button in the top right.

Follow the instructions.

You will be directed through the payment process.

Where can I see other member information?


As a valid SEAPEX member you are able to view certain details of fellow members.

These details can be found under the menu item Member List in the central column.

If you do not see this special menu-item, you:

  1. May not be logged in; only members that have logged in with their email an personal password can see the member network
  2. May not have a valid, paid-up membership. For example, you have renewed your membership, but it is pending payment. Or your membership has expired.

In some instances members details are not visible. At membership stage a member may opt for his details to be visible or not visible in this instance this member has privatized his details.

Flash error?

This error does not affect the use of our website but can occur when using Internet Explorer with Adobe Flash.

  1. To upgrade Adobe Flash please click on link
Where i can see my invoices? How can I see the details of an invoice? How can I print my invoices?
Invoices can be seen via the Member dropdown menu under View Invoices.To view the details of an invoice click on the invoice number.This will expand the screen and show all the invoice information.

To print your invoice, click on the printer icon in the top right hand corner of the invoice.

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