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Invitation to be a Corporate Sponsor of SEAPEX-Year 2018

The SEAPEX Council would like to thank the industry in Asia-Pacific for its continued support through 2017 and would like to invite companies and individuals to participate as a Corporate Sponsor in the Year 2018.

The SEAPEX Corporate Sponsorship Programme is important for SEAPEX to maintain its various programmes of promoting awareness and advances in the science of geology and related earth sciences for the upstream oil and gas industry in Asia-Pacific  . As you will understand the administration of SEAPEX together with the various activities such as bi-monthly talks, quarterly SEAPEX Press, regional chapter support, education initiatives, training courses, student project support and field trips  all incur costs. We have and continue to keep individual membership fees as affordable as possible so as to encourage a large and broad membership. These individual member fees are however insufficient to   maintain all of the activities as mentioned which can only continue with the valued support of Corporate Sponsors.

Three types of corporate sponsorship packages will be available during the period 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018.

Sponsorship has been limited to 10 Gold and 13 Silver categories, and has been designed to attract the interests of all members from oil and gas companies, service companies, consultants and individuals alike. There is no limitation to the number of Bronze sponsorships available.  The sponsorship levels are set to provide sponsors with high profile recognition for their contribution towards SEAPEX.

All members will have the opportunity to apply for sponsorship by submitting their application indicating the preferred sponsorship type to SEAPEX by 1st October 2017.

Successful sponsors will be chosen by a blind, random selection process for each category at the SEAPEX October AGM on Friday 13th October 2017.

The draw will start with the gold category where 10 successful sponsors will be selected. Of the 10 successful sponsors drawn, the first five sponsors drawn will present a 10-minute talk at a SEAPEX evening meeting, while the remaining five sponsors will be given a poster panel display at a SEAPEX evening meeting. A draw will be then be conducted for the Silver category where 13 successful sponsors will be selected. Any remaining Gold and Silver applications will be added to the list of successful Bronze sponsors or be able to opt-out of being a Bronze sponsor.

We hope that many of you will be interested to support SEAPEX in the Corporate Sponsorship Initiative and encourage you to indicate your preferred sponsorship option in the attached form and return to SEAPEX via email judy.foong@seapex.org before 1st October 2017.

For any further information or enquiries please contact Jean-Yves Beninger


Gold Sponsors – S$11,000 + GST – Click Here to Apply


*    Limited to a maximum of 10 Sponsors
*    Annual sponsorship fee SGD 11,000
*    Valid from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018

  • Free 10 minutes-talk at beginning of one SEAPEX evening meeting for five sponsors.
  • The other sponsors will be given free panel display at one SEAPEX evening meeting.
  • Company logo on front cover of every edition of SEAPEX Press
  • Company logo (large font) on front page of SEAPEX website
  • One free full page colour advert in all four editions of SEAPEX Press
  • Entitled to provide hand out material at all evening talks
  • Banner display of Gold sponsors company logo at all SEAPEX evening meetings
  • Company logo on the SEAPEX promotional pamphlets.


Silver Sponsors – S$6,000 + GST – Click Here to Apply


*    Limited to a maximum of 13 Sponsors
*    Annual sponsorship fee SGD 6,000
*    Valid from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018

  • Free panel display at one SEAPEX evening meeting
  • Company name on inside cover of every edition of SEAPEX Press
  • Company logo on SEAPEX website
  • One free full page colour advert in two editions of SEAPEX Press
  • Entitled to provide hand out material at all evening talks


Bronze Sponsors -S$2,500 + GST – Click Here to Apply

*    Unlimited number of Sponsors
*    Annual sponsorship fee SGD 2,500
*    Valid from 1st January 2018  to 31st December 2018

  • Company name on inside cover of every edition of SEAPEX Press
  • Company logo on SEAPEX website
  • One free full page colour advert in one edition of SEAPEX Press
  • Entitled to provide hand out material at all evening talks


Our Sponsors

Sponsors valid from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.

SEAPEX – Gold Sponsor 2018

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SEAPEX – Silver Sponsor 2018



SEAPEX – Bronze Sponsor 2018

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The SEAPEX Press is a news and views magazine produced by SEAPEX to stay in touch with its members. It had its beginnings in a photocopied four-page newsletter in 1998 produced by then President Ian Collins and his staff at Unocal. When George Croy joined SEAPEX, he was asked by Ian if he could improve on the Newsletter. Being Editor of PetroMin meant this was not much of a problem and he produced a 16-page A5 Newsletter in full colour. The name, SEAPEX Press, was provided by Bob Pile who won a competition to name the magazine. Since the prize was a six-pack of beer, Bob’s brain cells must have been working overtime to ensure he won…

The response from members to this little 16-page booklet was immediate and finding sponsors to pay for the production was no real problem. As things progressed, the SEAPEX Press went from 16 pages to 32 pages, requiring additional assistance and Mark Harris came on board to help collect and collate the materials as well as liaise with the sponsors.

And like Jack’s Beanstalk, it just kept on growing! Currently, each quarterly issue sees the production of over 80 pages of news and views from the industry. A far cry from its 16-page beginning! The SEAPEX Press now circulates throughout the world, with more than 1,000 copied mailed out every quarter. The SEAPEX Press is seen as one of the best magazines in the front end oil industry with a mix of news, comments, meeting reports, technical papers, scout check reports and of course lots of photos.

As can be imagined, as pages increased, so did the problems with production. What took three or four evenings to produce now takes three or four weeks. It is because the SEAPEX Press is produced by Mark on a retainer basis, and is not farmed out to a commercial outfit that the rates have stayed low. Where else can you get a full page (albeit A5) advert for that price?

Publication of the SEAPEX Press is now every three months.


To advertise in the SEAPEX Press is easy. If interested, please complete the attached Booking Form and return to Judy Foong (judy.foong@seapex.org). Adverts in the SEAPEX Press can be a single full page or a half page. Sizes and charges are as follows:

TypeHeight DimensionsWidth DimensionsOne issue PriceFour/year* Price
Full A5210 mm / 8.27 ins148 mm / 5.83 insS$600.00S$2000.00
Half A5105 mm / 4.13 ins148 mm / 5.83 insS$300.00S$1000.00
Advertising inside the front and back cover of the SEAPEX Press is available on a first come, firstserved basis at S$600.00 per issue. The cost of advertising relates to the provision to SEAPEX of an A5 portrait, 300 dpi CYMK JPEG format file for your advertisement. Please do not submit TIF format! You may submit 300 dpi PDF files.


Adverts should be received no later than two weeks before publication for inclusion in the next issue of the SEAPEX Press. Advertise in our 2017 Q1 issue, which will be out in March 2017. Deadlines are as follows:

Submission Deadline
Write-up15 February 2017
Artwork20 February 2017

Article & Photo Submission

Articles or photographs (in JPEG format 300 dpi CYMK), should be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the publication of the next issue.

General conditions

Insertions may be subject to alteration for technical reasons. Please contact Mark Harris (mark.harris@diiinfo.com) for further information. E-mail adverts in JPEG or PDF format to Judy Foong (judy.foong@seapex.org).