SEAPEX, the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society, is a non-profit organisation with objectives as defined in the Constitution being:

  • To advance the science of geology and related Earth Sciences, with particular emphasis on petroleum and natural gas exploration, development and production in Southeast Asia;
  • To foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership;
  • To promote technologies for finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons;
  • To disseminate information relating to petroleum geoscience;
  • To inspire a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members; and
  • To act as a body to improve the awareness of oil and gas industry issues in the community.

SEAPEX is based and registered in Singapore and currently has currently has over 600 worldwide Active, Life and Student Members. SEAPEX has a special arrangement for students and ASEAN citizens concerning membership fees.

SEAPEX holds regular meetings in Singapore on the second Friday of every second month, which consist of a social gathering and a 45-60 minute presentation on topics related to the “upstream” sector of the oil and gas industry. members, non-members, visiting guests are invited to present papers.

SEAPEX meetings are held on the same day as the Asia Pacific Scout Check (APSC) meeting, which attracts representatives from over 50 oil and gas member companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Philippines, Australia, PNG, and to a lesser extent Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

SEAPEX meetings are open to both members and non-members, and the society has also successfully launched several technical “Forums”, “Farmout Forums and “Theme Forums”.

Informal meetings are held periodically by SEAPEX Chapters in Bangkok, Jakarta, Houston, London, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Perth, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh and Calgary.

SEAPEX publishes every quarter, a newsletter/bulletin, the SEAPEX Press, which is distributed worldwide to members and to some non-members. It also publishes a monthly E-Bulletin to keep members informed of events.

SEAPEX organises every second year an exploration conference in Singapore. The last one was held in April 2019. SEAPEX publishes Proceedings of its Conferences, books, and/or maps and reports of general interest dealing with the upstream sector. In June 2018 SEAPEX held an Asia-Pacific conference in London in partnership with the PESGB and another one is planned in 2023.

SEAPEX is an Affiliate of the AAPG and as such is represented by up to three delegates from its ranks at the House of Delegates of the AAPG. SEAPEX also has an arrangement with AAPG Datapages which was put in place in 2015, and has close relationships with other societies including the PESGB and the EAGE.