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Session 1 - Commercial Environment
Session 2 - Regional Frameworks
Session 3 - Onshore Papua
Session 4 - East Indonesia and Timor Sea
Session 5 - Australia NW Shelf
Session 6 - Indonesia Revisited #1 - Sumatra
Session 7 - Indonesia Revisited #1 – Offshore Heartlands
Session 8 - New Frontiers
Session 9 - Showcasing G&G Techniques in SE Asia
Session 10 - Myanmar and Bangladesh - Success and Potential
Session 11 - Vietnam and Gulf of Thailand
Session 12 - NW Borneo and Philippines
Farm Out Forum
Australia: update on current and emerging oil & gas opportunities
Ivory Prospect within WA-521-P (Labyrinth Project)
VIC/P71 Gateway to the Southern Margin Gippsland Basin
Billion barrel potential in one of the world’s most exciting emerging hydrocarbon provinces
OMV New Zealand Limited
Todd Energy North Taranaki Graben farm-in opportunity
KrisEnergy Ltd – Southeast Asian Opportunities
Large, low risk oil and gas opportunity in the heart of Asian energy markets: Hui Marah Prospect Telen PSC, Indonesia
The East Seram PSC Opportunity : Potential to be one of the most exciting blocks in Southeast Asia
 Cue Energy Resources Ltd
Western Flank of the Papuan Basin, Indonesia
Petroleum Exploration and Development Opportunities in Sri Lanka
The Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Programm (PCECP) for Petroleum
International Opportunity
High-impact Opportunities
Conference SE Asia Map
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Technical Presentations
Exploration outlook: higher profits and fiscal change
Non-fiscal Clauses in Host Government Contracts that are Disincentives to Investment – Can the Value Loss be Quantified?
Where do producer governments in Asia go next?
A New Direction for Asian Stratigraphy
Final separation of Eastern Gondwana - Plate kinematics and their implications for frontier exploration.
PNG Foldbelt Exploration
Total Exploration in Papua New Guinea
Muruk discovery - new insights into structural style in the PNG Western Foldbelt
Western Flank of the Papuan Basin, Indonesia
The Seram Fold-Thrust Belt
Geological Development and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Souhern Banda Arc
West Malita Graben The Ugly Duckling or another Phoenix
Dorado. An overview of the largest oil discovery on the NW shelf in the last 30 years
Uncover The Overlooked Gumai Play Potential at Jabung Betara Complex, Indonesia.
Sumatra Deep Gas & Meeting Indonesia’s Growing Gas Demand
Frontier Exploration in Mongolia (and the search for oil-stained marmots)
Improved estimation of density enabled by PP−PS simultaneous inversion of multicomponent seismic data
Application of Machine Learning to Facies Classification of Carbonate Core Images
Oligocene fluvio-deltaic sediments of the Salin sub-basin, Myanmar
The Hydrocarbon Potential of Block SS-11, Offshore Bengal Basin – An Insight from 3D Seismic Data
Sand Body Characterisation in Tidal Marine Settings – Examples from the Malay Basin