Singapore Meetings, Friday, 9 June 2017

Singapore, Friday 9 June 2017

Asia Pacific Scout Check (Attendance for APSC Members Only)

Venue: Orchard Hotel, Level 3
Time: 11:00 am

SEAPEX Evening Talk, Friday 9 June 2017

Speaker: Ben Arnott
Topic: Show me the Money!  Financing for the E&P sector

Ben Arnott (Societe Generale) will be tabling a topical and timely question facing the E&P sector in the region – why is it so damn difficult to secure the funding necessary to move the industry forward? Has ‘quantative easing’ made your life easier – and if not, why not?! Ben will outline the current financing landscape for E&P companies operating in the region, assess the attractiveness of E&P as investment for the finance community, and showcase some successful (and some not so successful) ventures that have coloured opinion of banks and financial institutions over the last decade.  Focusing specifically on the 2015/2016 oil price crises, Ben will provide a frank assesment of the scars that have been inflicted on institutions funding E&P ventures, and project forward to a brave new world where all your financing needs can be managed using an app on your smart phone….    

Venue: Orchard Hotel, Ballroom 3, Level 3
Time: 18:00

Networking Session : : From 8:30pm onwards will see, by many members, a welcome return to Muddy Murphys (Orchard Shopping Arcade previously known as Bally Moons). Happy Hour prices are available all night (and at any time) upon presentation of a Seapex membership Card

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