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Active Membership Type Expiry Date
G-319 Tino Guglielmo Bass Oil Ltd yes Member 30-09-2019
M-623 Titus Murray Southern Highland Structural Geology yes Member 30-09-2019
P-404 Toby Pierce Tag Oil yes Member 30-09-2020
R-019 Toby Read Consultant yes Member 30-09-2019
H-036 Tom Hay Shearwater GeoServices yes Member 30-09-2019
B-913 Tom Bernecker Geoscience Australia yes Member 30-09-2020
P-869 Tom Paulin Drillinginfo yes Member 30-09-2019
C-987 Tommy Chan Mandala Energy yes Member 30-09-2019
K-705 Tomonori Kawamura Kangean Energy Indonesia yes Member 30-09-2020
S-107 Tony Swiecicki Cerberus Consultants Ltd. yes Life 01-01-3000
P-240 Tony Pedley Polarcus yes Member 30-09-2019
A-827 Tony Almond Woodside Energy Ltd yes Member 30-09-2020
D-694 Toril Dyreng Equinor yes Member 30-09-2019
H-108 Toshio Hashiguchi Mitsui Oil Exploration Co. Ltd yes Member 30-09-2020
E-329 Travis Enman Calenergy Resources yes Member 30-09-2020
F-692 Trent (Lane) Franks Liberty Petroleum yes Member 30-09-2019
D-850 Triparna Das Husky Energy yes Member 30-09-2020
A-297 Tristan Allen Schlumberger WesternGeco yes Member 30-09-2019
N-817 Truong Giang Nguyen KrisEnergy Pte Ltd yes Member 30-09-2020
Z-046 Tsogtbayar Zugeerbai MRPAM yes Member 30-09-2019

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